As is the field, so also is the crop

Our soils are the basis of our production, enabling us to grow healthy and nourishing food. To maintain the vitality of our fields and to protect them from soil erosion, we keep them green all year round with the help of cover crops. Wild animals find food and shelter here. In spring the cover crops are worked into the soil for humus formation. We only thresh our grain once it is fully mature, after it has dried in the field. Artificial drying is therefore not necessary under normal harvesting conditions.

Since 1991, the agricultural operation has been exclusively arable and under our own management. Activities include grass seed propagation and the growth of summer and winter cereals, rapeseed, sugar beet and maize. We specialise in seed propagation. For this reason, an up-to-date farm building was built in time for the 2017 harvest, with single-variety hoppers for seed storage.

We have also introduced precision farming into our operations. In order to be able to use the latest technology, the areas are completely managed by a contractor. Yield maps are currently being drawn up as a further step towards digitalisation.